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The World Firefighters Games; Shefield, England
28 August to 4 September 2004

Sheffield proved to be the ideal host city for the 8th World Firefighters Games. The Games were conducted professionally with all of the events being held at world class facilities. Favourable weather conditions prevailed whilst athletes and visitors were treated to a high level of competition.

The residents of Sheffield embraced the concept of the Games with many turning up at events to spectate and support the athletes. This support was carried through to the social side of the Games, creating a tremendous atmosphere and fond memories for both the residents of Sheffield and Games participants.

Sheffield had all the ingredients of a highly successful Games!

Toughest Firefighter Alive

The 'blue ribbon' event of the World Firefighters Games, the Toughest Firefighter Alive, is the most gruelling event of the entire competition. It is a test of great strength and endurance.

This event encompasses;

  • 3 events establishing hose, obstacle and weight activities. eg 2.5 km run wearing 20 kg backpack, tunnel crawl wearing breathing apparatus.
  • 1 event in a climbing activity using local terrain. eg 21 floor stair climb wearing breathing apparatus.

Overall Winners
Men: Linus Prame, Sweden 8:13
Women: Patricia Hadfield, England. 16:58

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