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The World Firefighters Games; Daegu, Korea
21 August to 29 August, 2010

No doubt many participants to the 11th World Firefighters Games hadn’t heard of Daegu before, however they weren’t to be disappointed by the experience. The Korean people were friendly, respectful and accommodating in every sense of the word and proved to be gracious hosts. The athletes’ march involving over 5,200 participants and 46 countries, was followed by a spectacular opening ceremony consisting of a variety of outstanding displays and acts by amazing local talent. Over 35,000 spectators were in attendance.

Participants enjoyed the competition, as well as taking in the sights and experiencing the wonderful culture and history of this beautiful Asian city. Daegu - an experience to remember.

Toughest Firefighter Alive

The 'blue ribbon' event of the World Firefighters Games, the Toughest Firefighter Alive, is the most gruelling event of the entire competition. It is a test of great strength and endurance.

Example of disciplines;

3 events establishing hose, obstacle and weight activities. eg 2.5 km run wearing 20 kg backpack, tunnel crawl wearing breathing apparatus.
1 event in a climbing activity using local terrain. eg 21 floor stair climb wearing breathing apparatus.

Overall Winners
Men: Joachim Posanz / Germany: 9:04:01
Women: Samantha Briggs / Great Britain: 15:33:91

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