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     2024 Games Aalborg Denmark September 7 – 14

World Firefighters Games 2020 in Aalborg postponed due to COVID-19

Download letter from Aalborg Mayor here

As Denmark and the rest of the world must come to terms with the rapid spread of COVID-19, and the severe consequences and unprecedented effects which the virus has on our own and societies around the world, the City of Aalborg and World Firefighters Games Western Australia Inc., organizers of World Firefighters Games 2020, have been following the situation closely. There is no doubt, that the health of all participants and all those involved in World Firefighters Games 2020 is our number one priority.

The current situation in Denmark being that Danish authorities have issued new instructions in the attempt to control the spread of the COVID-19 - instructions which more precisely prohibits people from gathering for large events from now and through the month of August - the City of Aalborg and World Firefighters Games Western Australia Inc. have made the decision to postpone World Firefighters Games 2020 to next year from Sunday, May 16 – Saturday, May 22, 2021.

It is an unfortunate situation, albeit a necessary decision to make. Nevertheless, there is consensus that World Firefighters Games 2020 not be cancelled, but instead postponed as we know that many of you firefighters, volunteers, and people otherwise involved with the fire and rescue services around the world, have eagerly been awaiting the opportunity to get together in the spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition with your peers for World Firefighters Games 2020 in Aalborg.

Even though World Firefighters Games 2020 will now take place in 2021, we will still refer to the event as World Firefighters Games 2020, and it is our sincere hope that you will welcome this postponement and join us for World Firefighters Games 2020 in Aalborg from May 16 – 22, 2021.

We look forward to welcoming you, and until then wish you all the best.

Thomas Kastrup-Larsen

Mayor, the City of Aalborg

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